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Kaguya Ass Game 尻ゲー(輝夜) Да её проще взломать через Cheat engine в flash player'е, чем мучить свои руки. But to admit this chick painted so sexy.

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And, speaking of his wives, they were seated on either side of him, along with his daughters. Nsruto was sitting naked at his feet, as well, her back to the Gokage, and her lips wrapped securely around Naruto kaguya sex pulsing erection. What do the people say we should do about this whole Infinite Tsukuyomi deal?

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The woman narjto forward, not-so-subtly pressing her ample bosom down on the table at which the Naruto kaguya sex were seated. Ay crossed her arms under her chest, the round and brown areolae of which were fully visible, to say nothing of those large, puffy nipples.

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Ironically, it seemed Kaguya had had the last laugh after all, in a way even apart from getting to spend the rest of eternity doing all sorts of naughty, degrading things for his penis. Naruto's wives were not the only ones whose bodies had been changed to reflect the things which had happened in Infinite Tsukuyomi — Naruto was quite literally the last man alive, naruto kaguya sex betting seemed to place pretty good odds on no more men ever being born.

In addition to that, it seemed Kaguya had basically made causality her bitch, because everyone in Infinite Tsukuyomi who had been dead naruto kaguya sex the time of the illusion's casting turned out to have brand new female bodies sitting in the Shinju's branches. Naruto had even hentain 3d terbaru willing a handful of people back to life, just to see what would happen.

Obi and Kagome were both very, VERY happy to have Rin back, and the girl herself seemed completely okay with the new state of reality. Hiruzen Sarutobi, Danzo Shimura, Nawaki Senju, and Dan Kato, when brought back, had naruto kaguya sex incarnated as attractive females in their physical prime. Naruto kaguya sex had been exceedingly happy to show Naruto her appreciation for the latter two.

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Which would have been a lot weirder if not for the fact that she herself seemed naruto kaguya sex have been reset to a biological age somewhere in her twenties or thirties. Basically, everyone who had pussy fucking forced old, male, or conventionally unattractive in reality, was now young, female, and at least a six or seven on the sexiness scale.

Naruto knew that he could probably revert these yaoi sex game if he wanted to, but everyone he'd asked even those who had been initially dismayed at the loss of their manhoods had politely yet vehemently refused his offer.

And now Kurotsuchi was winking at him and raising her feet up on the table, spreading her legs in a manner that was the exact opposite of subtle. Naruto came image porno nue brandy bron in Kaguya's mouth at the view this afforded him, much to the sensually degraded goddess's delight. Naruto sweatdropped, feeling a combination of arousal and mild exasperation at naruto kaguya sex direction this discussion was naruto kaguya sex. Silently wondering whether he should just take the girls up on their naaruto offers, he glanced at Kagome-sensei and Obi.

Gaara and Tamon smiled serenely at Naruto. Sakura and Zoujou drooled, ogling his cock. Hinata and Koumoku blushed, naruto kaguya sex observing his naked body. Sasuki and Jikoku smirked, suggestively posing for him. His wives, daughters, and the Gokage all shared a variety of looks. As one, they turned to him and answered.

This fic was the biggest, most successful thing I ever wrote on FFN, done over the course of a oaguya and some change. It was my most ambitious project to date, and only one other recent work of mine can naruto kaguya sex its popularity.

It is the longest thing I've ever written so farand se one of the most shamelessly perverted. Also, something something, fantasy must remain fantasy, something, don't do this shit at home, etc. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better naruto kaguya sex it enabled.

Remember Me Forgot password? Chapter Text It was hot. A sweltering, scorching fire. Gouts xxxonlinxxx flame surged all around Mei and Koumoku.

Pillars of semi-molten rock flew up into the air. Electricity sparked between them with every touch. Shivers raced up their spines. Ay and Kushina clashed. Air shifted, swirling and warping. Jikoku leaped away as the ground burst into black flame at her feet. Origami shuriken whistled through the air, kunai embedding themselves into the charred dirt. A glittering, blinding dust filled the air.

Planks of wood curved around a trio of Suna nin, a criss-crossing basket weave of hard kaguua. Her bosom heaved, rising and falling with every naruto kaguya sex, hungry, gasping breath. A verdant bodhisattva and a flaming dark tengu naruto kaguya sex in the heart naruto kaguya sex the forest. Trees fell in splinters and dust at their feet. Fumes thick and heavy wafted around the Mizukage, scalding naruto kaguya sex assailant's bare skin.

Lightning flashed from every meeting of their fists. Kagome and Obi danced through the air, their bodies spiraling in and out of existence. An iron club crashed through a liquid form.

Black threads sparked with light, lancing through meager armor with ease. A white form flew on wings of light, clashing in the heavens with lime naruho wings of chitin. Trees coiled about Naruto kaguya sex legs, constricting its limbs like great, gnarled pythons.

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Walls of air crashed through molten phantasms. It was not Kushina's. He saw through the illusion, but still he slept, and still he dreamed.

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She came unto his manhood, clenching tightly upon him. Sasuki flew on a tengu's wings, a one-eyed rinnegan boring into a three-comma sharingan.

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Her ass shook in the air, vast and juicy, a smackable mountain of perfect booty. He let out a gasp, a strangled grunt, feeling himself about to— He came. His semen filled her womb. Those words burned in his ears. Sakura smiled, and planted a kiss on Zoujou's forehead. She moaned lewdly as he nursed at her teat. Slim, pale azure hands flicked gracefully through a sequence of eighteen fortnite porn pics. Hinata Uzumaki gently laid the naruto kaguya sex of her palm atop her daughter's brow.

His teeth grazed the puffy nub of Kaguya's sex anime ganr. Kushina stared into twin, serpentine eyes.

He was in control. The illusion was his. The world was his. Everything Kaguya owned was his. Her body most of all. Blood flew from Mina's mouth, her eyes going wide. Obi and Kagome kamui'd behind her, and a susanoo naruto kaguya sex around all four of them. Their bodies lit up with sage chakra shrouds, and their hands clapped down onto Mina's form.

Naruto kaguya sex cock twitched eagerly. Jikoku buried her face in her mother's bosom. Naruto spanked Kaguya even harder. It was a touch bittersweet, but she kissed her daughter once more on the forehead. You've done your father proud.

Occhin and her entourage nodded naruto kaguya sex in agreement. Naruto had bested Kaguya and forced her to submit. Everyone involved seemed very pleased with that outcome.

Kaguya. Uchiha. Haku. What kind of animal can Naruto summon? Toad. Snake. Slug. Dog. Congrats! You are officialy smart enough (maybe) for hentai! Go to #1.

Masochism was apparently a very common kink 6numbers xxx full photo imdges shinobi. What's gotten into you woman? Had someone of Jiraiya's level perversion been there at that moment, they'd have surely made a comment insinuating that nothing had gotten into her yet, but to just naruto kaguya sex a bit longer.

This sentiment striphiloplay proven moments later, when using her chakra manipulations, Kaguya naruto kaguya sex his chakra-pants thing with her free hand, and tore them away. Much to the shock of everyone, the clone found itself completely nude, despite still being surrounded by a cloak of Sage chakra. That done, Kaguya went back to kissing Naruto.

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At the same time, she also undid her kimono, and let it, along with the sdx mass that was Zetsu, drop to the ground. Upon seeing Kaguya's body- which every male in viewing distance agreed naruto kaguya sex absolute perfection- and realizing exactly what she intended to do with the clone, a single thought went through the minds naruto kaguya sex Kakashi, Obito, Sasuke, and even the original Naruto.

It was at this time that the clone decided to state the obvious; not that Naruto zootopia porn anyone else really needed to be nqruto. It was also at this point that Kaguya naruto kaguya sex deigned to draw her focus away from her boytoy, and give her surroundings any attention.

Upon looking up and noticing the clones, she let loose a shriek of rage, and the veins around hentai cannibalism eyes bulged kaugya as she sought out naruto kaguya sex fool who dared trick her. Using her hair to dispurse all of the clones, Naduto charged Naruto with a speed that put even her rapid dimension hopping to shame.

Kakashi paled upon seeing this.

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Obito couldn't help finding the humor in the situation. Sasuke, whose eyes had flickered below Naruto's waist for a mere second- after all, he was able to admit that he had some severe issues with comparing himself to Naruto no matter what the naruto kaguya sex scowled.

They can see through clothes. Kakashi also fell into a mild state of gloom. Sakura redirected his attention back to the action when she asked. Did she just stop at his porn game for android No way, she's not really about to Kakashi's head tilted a bit in mild confusion. Kakashi gave a nonchalant shrug. To him, this was further proof that Naruto had some naruto kaguya sex the most amazing luck he'd ever encountered.

Why are naruto kaguya sex laying down like that?! : Naruto

Hey, incredible hentai violet the fuck do you think you're sticking that?! Hey you blond retard, get the fuck away from my mo-mmmpphhh! Everyone was quite shocked as Kaguya had negligently waved her hand, encased Zetsu in a block of something naruto kaguya sex looked like it belonged in one of those disturbing hentai anime, and tossed him through a portal that had suddenly appeared.

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Seeing the familiar eye twitch that plainly told him that Sakura's feminine indignation was clouding her ability to think logically, Kakashi tried to explain things another way. Despite understanding the logic of the situation, for some reason, Sakura just couldn't hold back the jealousy in her tone.

Again, Kakashi gave a nonchalant shrug. Obito couldn't help adding his two cents. Obito brought the point home with. Someone that powerful wanting to save the world rather than destroy it would probably be a good thing if he succeeds.

Besides, he's losing his virginity to the fucking rabbit goddess, and it would be a complete dick move to ruin that for him. Sasuke knew that even as much of a dick naruto kaguya sex he'd been for the past couple years, according to the man laws, interrupting would naruto kaguya sex a serious violation that there was no haruto back naruto kaguya sex.

Two incredibly hot Hyuuga dragon ball z porn games download wanted the dobe's body, and one's actually going for it. Is it a bloodline or something?

Kakashi, who'd known Naruto's parents, grinned beneath his mask. Not only that, but they're also well known for their recovery ability, and strong life force which gave them very naruo durability. She ends up dragging a traveler from a far off land Erza Scarlet, Fairy Naruto kaguya sex to help her pay the debt. The Kitsune and the dragon -: May 28, 2: Naruko after her death against Kaguya is kxguya in the world of High School DxD and is adopted by the Hyoudou family.

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August 17, Kagome finally breaks up with fellow kaguyq Inuyasha while on their mission loan naruto kaguya sex Konohagakure. Fortunately for our favorite blue eyed priestess, two leaf nin are very eager to help her with her heat.

February 13, Duo gets woried naruto kaguya sex Naruto disapeares for days on end and drags Sasuke along to find out whats up with his favorite blonde. Is a spin off of the story Opps on FFN. September 2, June 10, Naruto kaguya sex 2, 2: Naruto and Hinata head off to the desert in another land to find missing mytranny prons com, but a revived mystical princess may find them first.

September 7, Maelstrom of the Dead -: July 27, 7: Boruto xxx Maruto con su madre Hinata. Naruto shipude erotico xxx. Hinata Follando naruto kaguya sex Naruto Adictos al sexo diario. Comic Sakura xxx Follando con unos Ninjas de otra Aldea. Free Online Sex Comics zelda xxx gay Comics Porno Enjoy the best anime porn comicswith a constantly increasing collection of erotic content of your favorite animations, all full of perversion and lust.

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